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Man with Sunglasses


Here we answer common questions about sunglasses.

Slide on sunglasses.

We know that the sun can cause harm to your skin, but it can also cause serious eye conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and ocular melanoma. Sunglasses will also help protect the sensitive skin around your eyes which are susceptible to developing skin cancer. 

Tips for sunglasses:

  • Wear sunglasses year-round whenever you are out in the sun.

  • Check the swing tag to make sure they meet the Australian Standard for eye protection (AS/NZS1067). The Standard has five categories of sun protection – choose category 2 or higher. These lenses absorb more than 95% of UV radiation.

  • Polarised sunglasses are great to reduce glare and make it easier to see on a very sunny day, however they don't increase UV protection.

  • Dark tinted sunglasses are not necessarily more effective at protecting the eyes from UVR than lightly tinted sunglasses.

  • Check that the glasses are labelled as either 'sunglasses' or as 'special purpose sunglasses' and not as 'fashion spectacles'.

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