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Skin ageing and the effects of the sun

Besides increasing skin cancer risk, sun exposure also has many other damaging effects on the skin.

Chronic UV radiation exposure is a key contributor to the extrinsic skin ageing process. It attacks the integrity of the skin and leads to photo-damage. Features of photo-damage include skin roughness, sallowness, deep wrinkling, telangiectasia (dilated blood vessels) and hyperpigmentation. 

The sun can also worsen acne hyperpigmentation. Some of the skincare products used to fade dark spots include retinol, alpha hydroxy acids and hydroquinone. These ingredients can actually increase the skin's photosensitivity and therefore susceptibility to damage.


Therefore it is imperative to use sun protection strategies at all ages.  Photodamage may take years to become physically apparent - prevention is the key!

How does the sun affect the way you age. 

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