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We are looking for generous individuals willing to lend their time and support to research projects on prevention and early detection of skin cancer.


We appreciate our participants who donate their time to skin cancer research. High quality research relies on generous individuals in the community willing to take part.

By supporting skin cancer research, you are helping to advance medical knowledge and improve patient care.

Below are some areas of research we are looking for participants.

3D total body photography

ACEMID aims to develop more efficient and effective screening for the early detection of melanoma through the provision of an innovative 3D total body photography imaging system. The system produces a total body 3D avatar that enables clinicians and researchers to more accurately monitor skin spots over time.

Early detection

Transformation of melanoma early detection is the key to reduce the burden on patients, families and the healthcare system and deliver on our vision of a “World Without Melanoma”.


Our previous prevention projects have assessed the effectiveness of text messaging to improve skin cancer prevention behaviours.


We appreciate our participants who donate their time to medical research. We are currently only conducting research with participants in Australia.

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